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The Story of Fox & Wolfe Farm

Harriet Fox and Elmer Wolfe were my Great Grandparents. In 1917, Elmer died unexpectedly and without a will. Women were not allowed to vote and in Harriet’s case, although married when they bought the farm in 1900, her name did not appear on the deed. The county decided that running the farm and raising her children was more than she could handle, so they ruled that the farm must be sold at auction. Harriet and each one of her children, including my grandfather, received forty-four dollars for the 117-acre farm. Sam, as my grandfather was known, vowed to get the farm back. The farm sold at auction to his uncle. Sam saved enough to buy the farm back in 1946 and was married to the most wonderful, Alberta Wolfe. Together they raised their four children at the farm where Sam lived until 1986 and Alberta until 2016. Alberta, our beloved grandma, did without so she could help others. The farm has come back to life as a working organic farm that honors the memory, the hardship and the love that embodies the Fox and Wolfe legacy.